Long Term Care Options

Long Term Care Options | Long Term Care Options Legal Counsel

Long term care is determined based on whether an individual can perform activities of daily living (ADLs) (bathing, cooking, walking, eating and dressing). Few seniors can afford to pay privately for the cost of long term care. It can destroy a family’s wealth in a matter of 3-5 years. Some have purchased long term care insurance and have coverage for 2-3 years of care. Unfortunately, ​not all policies are the same.​ We will assist you in understanding your long term care policy. For example, does it cover “at home” care? Does your own doctor or does the insurance company get to decide when the policy coverage is triggered? Does the policy account for inflation? Most of my current older clients, because of age or health issues, can not qualify or afford long term care insurance. We will explore with you the options​ including converting an existing life insurance policy to a long term care policy, hiring a family member, or other individual to provide assistance in the home when the time comes and discuss planning opportunities for ​Medicaid​ coverage, among other things.