Family Estate Planning

Family Estate Planning Attorney

You may be just starting out with raising children or have adult children, and maybe even grandchildren. Perhaps you have a blended family with children from previous marriages. The family unit and the relative physical, mental and ​financial health​ of each of you in the diverse family sphere is critically important to ​a well devised estate plan​. Your plan may need to address an aging or ill parent, or a family member with special needs or disabilities. In some families, one child is highly successful and independent while others are not. These types of issues are important to family planning as well as elder law planning. For some families, especially my ​elder clients​, transferring wealth is straight forward. If that is the case, you may wish to focus more on passing to the next generation an important legacy or message that has nothing to do with family wealth or tangible property. We will assist you in developing what you want that legacy to be and how best to communicate it to your beneficiaries.